Who We Are

Each day we seek to reach higher and farther than before. We ask “what if” and invite others to join us in the quest for answers. From pandemics to addressing population health, we relentlessly pursue solving the mysteries of both incurable and treatable diseases, knowing that one discovery leads to the next. We teach students new ways of learning because diverse perspectives shed wisdom on problems where ignorance has prevailed. Pioneering advances in artificial intelligence, we lead the way in interpreting data and translating scientific discoveries into patient care advances that help people get back to living their best possible life. And we do it all with a gentle touch, a warm smile and an encouraging word along the way. Our determination drives us. After all, we’re problem-solvers working together to move medicine forward.

University of Florida Health is a top-ranked health care destination that attracts the brightest students, scholars, scientists and health care providers, all ready to tackle our patients’ greatest challenges. They are counting on us. And we intend to deliver, so that each generation is healthier than the last.